Skype's P2P Network Could Lead to Getting Caught Torrenting

Written by John Ponio    Friday, 21 October 2011 15:51

Skype Logo

Researches have found a way to identify a bit-torrent user through Skype, and even go so far as to call the user and initiate a handshake with the bit-torrent client. Through use of Skype's peer-to-peer network, users won't even have to be on the researcher's friends list for them to find out your IP address and any other information you have provided to Skype. They can use your IP address to pair you with your activity on a bit-torrent network, so they don't have to go through ISPs to get your information. This gaping security hole has been recognized since back when Microsoft announced their plans to buy Skype, but it has not been fixed as of yet. You can read more  the research PDF here and read a larger summary of the process here.