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Firefox Private Browsing

Browse like a ninja with private browsing

Every browser now has a ‘Private Browsing’ feature. What does it do? Private browsing will stop any data from being stored on your computer by websites that you visit. This data includes things like browsing history, form data, cookies, authentication names and passwords, and temporary internet files. It won’t stop websites from tracking your initial visit, but it will keep your information private if your computer is being used by multiple people. It doesn’t take any configuration to browse in private mode, unless you want to select certain data to allow. Here is how to do it on every mainstream browser:

Firefox 4 Private Browsing

Click on “Start Private Browsing” on the orange Firefox dropdown menu.

Hotkey: Ctrl + Shift + P

Read more to see how to do it in other browsers.

Mini 9 running Chromium OS

How to run Chromium OS from a USB drive

Here are 7 easy steps to safely test Chromium OS on your netbook using a 3GB+ USB flash drive: Download the pre-built .img file from here. Download Image Writer for Windows here. Open Image Writer and select the chromiumos.img file you downloaded and the drive letter of your USB drive. Click “Write”. Remove the USB drive from your computer. Plug the USB drive...

Athlon 64 Overclocking Guide

Introduction: For me, the most interesting technology of the AMD Athlon64 processor is not the 64-bit processing power. 64-bit desktop processors are bound to be made sooner or later. What I found interesting was the fact that AMD decided to have the memory controller on the CPU itself. This certainly raises a lot of eyebrows. Normally the motherboard Northbridge chipset is the memory...

Command Per Clock Guide

Overclocking is the most addicting hobby I’ve ever encountered. Video games are another, but not as much. The reason why an ever-increasing amount of people are becoming addicted and going insane with overclocking is that there is no end. You can’t reach the end. Someone will always find new tweaks or ways to increase system performance. Someone will always find a way to...