VisionTek Radeon X800 Pro

Written by Jerid A. Neely    Wednesday, 09 June 2004 11:00
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VisionTek Radeon X800 Pro
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With the release of Nvidia’s GeForce FX 6800 Ultra, many people, including myself, were skeptical of ATI’s claim that the X800 series cards were faster. Many people thought that Nvidia would regain the crown for a while. Now ATI has proven that their line of cards is indeed better.  The X800 Pro has even beaten the 6800 Ultra in some tests, which is definitely a slap in the face for Nvidia. The X800 Pro, being $100 cheaper than the 6800 Ultra and X800XT, is a much more reasonable alternative. But is it worth the upgrade if you have a 9800 Pro or equivalent card? Is it worth the $400 to upgrade that old dusty card that has sat in your case for the past year? That’s what we are going to find out today folks.