PowerColor Radeon X800 GT

Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 15 November 2005 11:00
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PowerColor Radeon X800 GT
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ATI's battle plans have always been quite inconsistent throughout the years.  With the release of the 9700 series, they completely dominated Nvidia at that time and did so quite quietly.  The big fuss a few weeks earlier was the continuous delays of their R520 and the poor paper launches.  While loud and clear about their new R520 chipset, they were quietly working on something else in the background--pushing for a more affordable midrange video card for gamers.  Since it was aimed for budget enthusiasts, no one really looked forward to seeing what they had to show.

PowerColor is no new player in the video card industry.  Although they only provide ATI solutions, they are very popular in the enthusiast crowd.  They are known to release cards that often come with better components than ATI's specifications, i.e., faster memory, better cooling, etc.  Their current new releases are the new ATI midrange video cards--Radeon X800 GT/GTO.  PowerColor has provided various solutions under the GT/GTO line, one of which consists of using watercooling for the GPU alone.  It certainly sounds promising, but can this so-called midrange card hang with Nvidia's current midrange champ?