PowerColor Radeon X800 Pro VIVO

Written by John Chen    Wednesday, 27 October 2004 11:00
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PowerColor Radeon X800 Pro VIVO
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PowerColor is a major provider of ATI-based multimedia devices.  The company is fairly young, having started in 1999 in Southern California.  Within five years, PowerColor has become the world's third largest provider of graphics cards and the number one supplier of ATI-based graphics cards.  This kind of growth can only mean the company has high goals and is determined to meet the latest demands on high end hardware.  PowerColor is currently owned by Tul, a company based in Taiwan that was founded in 1997.  You can say that PowerColor is a subdivision of Tul, just like how Crucial is considered to be a subdivision of Micron Technology. 

PowerColor provides a numerous line of ATI Radeon cards.  From low end budget solutions to high end enthusiast favorites, PowerColor has a graphics card to suit everyone's needs.  Many enthusiasts can probably remember the success of PowerColor's highly popular and moddable Radeon 9800SE.  Although the card's performance was only considered to be mediocre, there was a hidden secret that unleashed the full potential of the "cheap" card.  With a simple BIOS flash, the 9800SE turned into a full fledged 9800 Pro.  Of course there were certain things to be aware of, such as choosing the 256-bit versions and providing good cooling.  What we have in today is the enthusiast's favorite: the X800 Pro VIVO.  The VIVO line, although not an "official" release by ATI, offers the same exact hardware components as the full fledged X800XT PE, something that definitely shows promise.