PowerColor Radeon X700 256MB Bravo Edition

Written by John Chen    Saturday, 04 June 2005 11:00
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PowerColor Radeon X700 256MB Bravo Edition
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Video card companies are always striving to provide the best for gamers and hardware enthusiasts. The companies try to catch your attention, but how do they do it?  What makes one package different from the other?  What's different about the cards? 

First off, almost all video cards under the same class are similar.  There is not much difference between an ATI X800 and a PowerColor X800.  The physical shape, design, and PCB are the same.  The difference is usually the bundled package, PCB color, and the equipped cooling.  With the X800 Pro VIVO (AGP and sometimes PCI-E), the card sometimes comes with better memory, an ATI Rage Theatre Chip, and a higher end GPU core to grab attention.  PowerColor was one of the few who released an X800 Pro VIVO that allowed the flash to an X800XT PE.  The card became amazingly popular.  Where is this all leading to?  Today, we're taking a look at PowerColor's latest mid-ranged video card for the casual gamers.  The card features a Radeon X700 GPU and 256MB of onboard memory.  The use of heatpipes for cooling make this card unique, allowing enthusiasts can run the card and operate in silence.