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Written by John Chen    Thursday, 08 December 2005 11:00
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Conclusion and Thoughts

From the performance standpoint, Nvidia seems to have lost their long held crown in the mid-range section of video cards.  Nvidia's Geforce 6600 GT does not seem like it can keep its grasp of the mid-range section anymore.  The performance is slipping to ATI and it is only a matter of time when Nvidia fights back. 

The focus of the Silent-Pipe II 6600 GT is not the performance of the video card, but rather the innovative cooling technology developed by Gigabyte.  The Geforce 6600 GT is one of the most popular cards currently on the market.  The reason is that it provides gamers the performance they need to play their latest games and it provides HTPC enthusiasts all the technology, like native HDTV support, they need to get a good theatre system going.  Gigabyte's approach with the Silent-Pipe II seems to aim at HTPC enthusiasts.  The most obvious reason behind that is the lack of games in the package bundle.  The other is the silent cooling.  Perhaps the hardest goal to achieve when building a good HTPC system is reducing noise to a minimum.  With a passive heatsink, zero noise is generated.  That is one less thing HTPC enthusiasts have to worry about.  Who wants to hear their fans hum when watching a movie?  That is not very enjoyable.  Pairing a passive heatsink with the 6600 GT is a great idea.  Do not be fooled by the heatpipe heatsink, though.  It still allows the video card to be overclocked quite highly.  Enthusiasts who care less about noise and more about performance should look elsewhere.  They will find better performance through ATI's X800 GT line. 


  • Passive cooling = zero noise
  • Highly overclockable
  • Heatpipe design keeps the card running cool
  • Ideal for HTPC systems
  • Affordable


  • Destroyed by ATI's mid-range counterpart
  • No games in bundle

We would like to thank Gigabyte for providing us the sample.  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to hit us up in the forums. You can also check out more of our latest reviews on the front page.