Enermax Galaxy 850W - Conclusion

Written by Mike Mackenzie    Friday, 19 October 2007 13:51
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            It is safe to say that the Galaxy is an amazing PSU. The only thing that would prevent a customer from purchasing is the cost. Although, if a user is purchasing quad core processors and quad SLI graphics card then the Galaxy should be very affordable. It is much more affordable than some other powersupplies with the same specs and features, which only makes the Galaxy even better value. If you are interested in purchasing the Galaxy, just make sure it fits in your case before you order. No one wants to get a shiny new power supply and not be able to fit it in their case when they open the box.


Pros and Cons


  • Unbelievable Stability, minimal voltage drop at load
  • Amazing reliability 850W 24/7 with internal temperatures of 50C
  • Compatibility for the next generation of hardware
  • Native and Modular design, the best of both worlds
  • Cable Accessory case to hold unused power leads
  • Packed full of features which provide ultimate solutions for users in need of reliable power
  • 135mm fan is directly above the processor, great for ventilation from large passive coolers such as the Scythe Ninja, or Thermalright HR-01.
  • Very quiet considering dual fans, as well as a 135mm fan, gets louder with load.


  • Expensive and excessive for most users
  • Large size may cause compatibility issues with smaller chassis.
  • Entire power lead is not sleeved, only to first power connector.
  • Power guard beeping can get annoying late at night.


On behalf of InsaneTek, I would like to thank Enermax for sending us the Galaxy 850W power supply to review. It certainly offers the best value for ultra high end systems and is great for any die hard overclocker looking to provide the best power signal to their components. It blew me away and made me start looking to purchase new hardware so I can maximize the potential of this power supply unit.

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