Enermax Galaxy 850W - Installation

Written by Mike Mackenzie    Friday, 19 October 2007 13:51
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Installation of the Galaxy



            One thing is certain; the Galaxy is a long power supply. Clearance may be an issue in some cases. At first I was going to install the Galaxy in one of my smallest chassis and quickly realized it wasn’t going to happen. Standard ATX cases with front doors or stealth drives may be an issue. Any case that with drives installed further back into the chassis may cause issues also. After that I decided to install the Galaxy into my new Cooler Master iTower 930. Cooler Master designed their chassis with a power supply support bracket which encloses the PSU. I had to remove this bracket in order to install the Galaxy. Finally, I received an Enermax Phoenix chassis that can hold the Galaxy easily.




            The act of installing the PSU is very simple depending on how your case is arranged. Lay out the power supply, and decide if any modular cables will be necessary for installation. Connecting these ahead of time can help save you from having to squeeze your hands into the cramped up space between PSU and drives. Using the provided hardware, mount the power supply in position, and attach the necessary power leads to the components.


Image Image 


The Galaxy offers very long, sleeved power leads. Unfortunately, not all cables are fully sleeved. Good cable management is a must since it is quite easy for the huge bundle of cables to make a mess inside the case.