Enermax Galaxy 850W - Closer Look

Written by Mike Mackenzie    Friday, 19 October 2007 13:51
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A Closer Look at the Enermax Galaxy

            One thing is certain, the specifications look great on the Galaxy, but I was interested in exactly how the Galaxy looked.

First thing I had noticed when I opened up the Galaxy was everything was boxed up separately. There is a large box which contains just the power supply unit that is larger than most power supply boxes on its own. There is an additional box, slightly smaller and much lighter, labeled accessory box. It contains several beautifully wrapped modular power leads, case badges, a lanyard, mounting hardware, and the instruction manual.


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What makes the Galaxy so special though? The internal parts are where the Galaxy shines. First is the cooling. The Galaxy is cooled by a giant 135mm fan. The fan pulls air out of the chassis and through the PSU directly over the heatsinks. Enermax didn’t skimp out on the heatsinks either. They are massive enough to ensure system stability and performance in temperatures upward of 50C. The heat within the power supply is exhausted out of the case with the aid of a single 80mm fan.

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The untrained eye might not notice a few components in the Galaxy PSU such as the triple transformers. Most high end power supplies only use one and very few use two. The Galaxy dedicates one transformer to the 12v rail for the processor and dedicates the rest of the rails for the other components in the system. This provides the ultimate solution for stability of the triple quad, quad CPU, quad SLI, and quad graphics. As well as provide power for 24 peripherals.