SilverStone Element ST50EF-Plus - Testing, Setup, and Results

Written by Dan Reis    Wednesday, 20 September 2006 10:21
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The test system is comprised of the following:

  • AMD64 3200+ (939 Venice Core)
  • 2 GB OCZ Platinum 4800
  • PowerColor X800GT PCI-E
  • PowerColor Theatre 550 Pro PCI-E
  • Seagate 250 GB Sata
  • 2 x Seagate 400 GB Sata (Raid 0)
  • Plextor 16X DVD Burner Sata
  • Plextor 12X DVD Burner IDE
  • Floppy 
  • 2 x 120mm Case Fans
  • Thermaltake Shark Case

Overclocked settings are as follows:

  • Multiplier = 10
  • External Freq = 250
  • CPU = 1.5V
  • Timings = 2-3-2-5
  • Memory Voltage = 2.8V
  • Chipset Voltage = 1.7V
  • Hyper Transport Voltage = 1.3V





We test power supplies by reading voltage fluctuations, and temperature readings at idle and full load. Voltage measurements are taken with a digital multimeter with the probes inserted into an unused 4-pin molex connector for the 12V and 5V lines. For the 3.3V line, the probes are inserted into the appropriate pins on the 24-pin connector. The system is allowed to idle at the desktop with only system tray programs running and the results are recorded. Then the system is 100% loaded. I like to convert DVD's, along with running CPU Burn, since it puts a 100% load on the CPU. Voltages and temperatures are recorded again. The recording process consists of letting the multimeter and temperature probes sit for 30 seconds, and results are recorded every 10 seconds. The results are averaged for the final result. The results speak for themselves. Rock stable lines, very good temps, and quiet to boot. The SilverStone ST50EF-Plus has left me speechless.