SilverStone Element ST50EF-Plus

Written by Dan Reis    Wednesday, 20 September 2006 10:21
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SilverStone Element ST50EF-Plus
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SilverStone currently has a product stable consisting of elegant HTPC enclosures, computer cases, CPU coolers, fans, and power supplies. The Element power supply series is promoted as SilverStone's most efficient and quietest series to date. Their other power supply series include the Strider, which ranges from 360W-750W (600W and 750W models have modular cables) targeted at enthusiasts and mainstream use, the Zeus with industrial class components for workstation apps, the Nightjar which is fan-less, and Gemini redundant power supplies. In this review we kick the tires on the Element ST50EF-Plus which is a 500W power supply.

With the mainstream slowly becoming dual-core, dual video card (be it SLI or CrossFire), and terabytes of storage, 500W power supplies will be the "entry level" recommendation for most builders these days. I have always believed that the power supply should be one of the first components selected when planning out your computer. If you have all high end components, and throw a sub-par power supply in, you will be asking for trouble.