E-Power Silent Engine Tiger 650W

Written by John Chen    Monday, 05 December 2005 11:00
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E-Power Silent Engine Tiger 650W
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Modular power supplies are becoming quite popular these days.  Even overclocking enthusiasts are slowly migrating over to these modular power supplies for easy cable management.  While performance might not be up to par compared to a regular power supply, the newer releases by SilverStone and Enermax have proven that modular units can still be robust.  I love my SilverStone ST60F so much that I slapped it into my personal gaming rig, powering numerous hard drives, a highly overclocked CPU, and a blazing Geforce 7800 GT.  I trusted the performance of the Enermax and used it for a computer build for a friend of mine.  It all worked out very well.

When I reviewed the SilverStone ST60F, it was the highest wattage modular power supply around.  That is all going to change right now with E-Power's latest Silent Engine Tiger.  Not many of you will think of E-Power as a well known source for power supplies, but they have been producing some of the most reliable units around.  Much like Raidmax and OCZ, E-Power power supplies are manufactured by Topower, a popular power supply manufacturer.