Hiper Type-R 480W and 580W

Written by Patrick Ng    Sunday, 06 November 2005 11:00
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Hiper Type-R 480W and 580W
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Power supplies are perhaps the most essential components when it comes to computers. Short circuits and a computer burnout are often the result of using a cheap power supply. Some may wonder why people don't just save themselves the hassle and just go out and buy a power supply from PC Power and Cooling since their products are made with only quality and performance in mind. The price tag, however, on one of those power supply units can leave an unnecessary hole in your wallet. For this reason, enthusiasts have looked around for cheaper power supplies that can match up to the quality and performance of PC Power and Cooling. The powerful and elegant solutions from leading competitors such as OCZ and Thermaltake have already dominated a good portion of the market. This is where Hiper, a relatively new company trying to establish their own line of power supplies, comes into the picture.

Hiper has sent us two of their Type-R line power supplies: a 480W and a 580W. Both of these power supplies boast low noise, PFC, dual 12v rails and other minor aesthetic details. But can it match up to the stability, quality, and performance of the current competitors? If it proves worthy, this won't be the first time a relatively anonymous company has put out a great product.