SinTek 500 SLI 500W

Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 01 November 2005 11:00
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SinTek 500 SLI 500W
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Enthusiasts are finally starting to realize the importance of using a quality power supply.  It makes me relieved knowing that enthusiasts are not pairing cheap generic power supplies with their hardware components.  The last computer error you want to encounter is a power failure.  The most painful problem is when the power supply fries ALL of your hardware.  Fortunately for us, many companies realize the need for a high end power supply.  I found it quite surprising when OCZ announced their PowerStream.  The stable rails and adjustable potentiometers more than pleased the overclocking enthusiasts.  OCZ wanted to provide a reliable power supply that provided more than just stable power; they wanted to make sure that your overclock is not bottlenecked in any way.

A new company has stepped forward with a similar approach.  This new company is called SinTek Industries.  Their introductory release starts with the heart of a system--the power supply.  SinTek had many goals when designing their first power supply--performance, reliability, feature-rich, value, and of course, silence.  The end result?  The 500 SLI and the 600 SLI.