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Written by John Chen    Friday, 03 September 2004 11:00
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The power supply comes with great rails to feed your system.  The 12v rail, which is now considered the most important rail of all, is rated at an amazingly high 34 amps.  It's not very common to see 34 amps on the 12v.  There are only a few power supplies that give off more than 25 amps.  Ultra Products sacrificed the 5v rail in order to raise the 12v rail.  To calculate the total wattage of the power supply, you take the 3.3v and the 5v rails and multiply it to their respective amps.  That gives one part of the wattage.  The other part lies within the 12v.  Multiply the 12v rail to its amps and you'll get the other part of the wattage.  Simply add these two totals and you'll get the total wattage.  To keep a power supply at a rated 500W and in order to raise the amps on one rail, one part of the wattage has to be sacrificed.  With the 12v rail being more important than the 5v, Ultra Products dropped the amps on the 5v rail.  It is still rated at a good 30 amps, though.  Of course it would be great to have all the amps pumped up, resulting in an extremely high wattage power supply.  But it wouldn't be beneficial to consumers as they'll end up paying a hefty price for it.