Ultra Products X-Connect 500W

Written by John Chen    Friday, 03 September 2004 11:00
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Ultra Products X-Connect 500W
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The "Ultra" brand is not a wildly popular name in the enthusiast's community.  Ultra Products is a fairly new company that started out making accessories and value desktop RAM.  I remember seeing their modules at Sam's Club.  They expanded bit by bit and started making quality products.  I've heard that some of their PC3200 DDR modules use Winbond BH5 chips, and those overclock to at least 250FSB.  Mighty impressive, I must say. 

Ultra Products is finally catching people's attentions.  Their new power supply is a computer enthusiast's dream come true.  The unit itself is fully modular, meaning that you only use the connectors you need.  It's always hard to tuck away cables and find good hiding spots, thus Ultra has taken away that messy work.  Not only is the power supply fully modular, it has its aesthetics as well.  It is extremely shiny and has a customized Ultra fan grill.  Many companies have tried and "tricked" consumers into buying a cheap power supply simply because it has a window or some lighting.  The comment I react with is:  So what?  Just because it looks good doesn't mean it won't fry my hardware.  Hopefully this Ultra X-Connect won't be one of those cheapo power supplies.