Ultra Products 600W

Written by Randy Torio    Saturday, 01 January 2005 11:00
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Ultra Products 600W
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A few months ago we reviewed an innovative power supply known as the "X-Connect."  We then reviewed an innovative Hard Drive Enclosure that converts most EIDE hard drives into an external drive.  Today, Ultra Products has sent us an even more impressive power supply.  Now that our computers are harboring powerful CPUs, graphics cards, and 10,000 rpm hard drives, it is important to have a power supply that can supply enough juice to ensure system stability.  The power supply is often overlooked component for a system's vitality.  It is assuring that Ultra Products has decided to offer those enthusiasts a more powerful option for a power supply while avoiding further "modular" capabilities to keep costs to a minimum, although I suspect a modular 600 watt will be seen in the near future.