Thermaltake TWV500W 500W

Written by John Chen    Thursday, 11 August 2005 11:00
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Thermaltake TWV500W 500W
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When Ultra Products released thee X-Connect modular power supply, every enthusiast went nuts for the power supply's great looks and excellent cable management.  Other companies realized the growing market potential and quickly released their own modular power supplies.  Although modular power supplies are great for keeping systems clutter-free, the performance cannot match the performance of a standard ATX power supply.  One such example would be OCZ's ModStream and PowerStream.  The ModStream has the great aesthetics and good performance, but the performance still can't keep up with the PowerStream.  Overclocking enthusiasts are better off with something that's not modular. 

Thermaltake's flagship power supply is the PurePower 680W.  It was a great power supply, despite the fact that our sample arrived with a wacky 6pin PCI-E connector.  Don't worry, as Thermaltake has alleviated that problem.  Their newest power supply does not provide a higher wattage rating, but it does come with a modular design.