Seasonic S12 500W

Written by Randy Torio    Friday, 08 July 2005 11:00
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Seasonic S12 500W
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LED fans, adjustable rails, sleeved cables, modular capabilities, and mirror-finish polishes that rival a luxury BMW.  All of these features that were unheard of three years ago have made current power supplies a popular commodity among the enthusiast crowd.  Almost every popular power supply flooding the market has some kind of "bling" associated with it.  Nowadays, consumers rely more on aesthetics rather than true quality.  You know something's wrong when you hear a friend recommend to another friend at Fry's, "You should get this one... the sleeving prevents any electrical interference from occurring."  However, what the majority of enthusiasts must understand is that the knowledge and research that goes into a quality PC component depends much on the certification of industry leading standards.  Although manufacturers can't necessarily market their certifications, understanding that a company invests in them is much more important than any bling factor.  Seasonic, a power supply manufacturer, is a perfect example of a company dedicated to quality before looks.

Seasonic has been developing power supplies since 1975, which is longer than any other power supply manufacturer that I know of.  Their longevity is a testament to the amount of knowledge and research that they have put into their power supplies.  More importantly, Seasonic has been ISO9002 certified since 1997 and ISO9001 certified since 2000.  What does this mean for a company?  ISO is an elite international organization developed for the purpose of quality standardization.  In order to become a certified member under ISO, a company must be willing to invest a large sum of money and undergo strict auditing procedures to ensure quality standardization is implemented.  What does this mean for the consumer?  Since the company is now producing products under the strictest of quality standards, the consumer will have the value added factor of purchasing a product that is sure to be of top quality.  Seasonic's goal as a power supply manufacturer is to provide power solutions that will better the quality of life.  Investing heavily in research and certification is definite proof of their dedication. 

Today, we have the privilege of reviewing Seasonic's latest S12 500 watt silent power supply.  Claimed to be one of the quietest power supplies to date, the S12 500 watt power supply also looks to be a serious contender as an enthusiast's power supply.  Supporting key features, such as Active PFC and Smart Fan Control, which are two features originally developed by Seasonic in the year 2000, and future-proof features, such as Dual PCI-E support and Dual 12v rails, Seasonic's 500watt power supply is a sight for sore eyes; Eyes that have been strained by flashy LED fans and UV-sensitive cable sleeving.