SilverStone Zeus ST52F 520W

Written by John Chen    Friday, 14 January 2005 11:00
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SilverStone Zeus ST52F 520W
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SilverStone is making great impressions with their line of quality cases.  The recently reviewed TJ05 and TJ06 left us very satisfied and would make great recommendations for enthusiasts looking for something more than just a beige box.  Having a great case leads to a number of other needs.  The most important would be the power supply.  As we all know, having a top of the line power supply is a necessity.  The stability ensures the security of your important hardware components.  Not many people know this, but a good power supply also helps reduce your electricity bill. 

SilverStone strives to make great products that generate little noise.  They have a number of power supplies that are equipped with large fans for cooling.  Today's sample we've received is SilverStone's high end power supply, which comes rated at 520W and uses 2 80mm fans for cooling.  The power supply comes reasonably priced and has many of the options that would satisfy many users.