OCZ ModStream 520W

Written by John Chen    Thursday, 03 February 2005 11:00
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OCZ ModStream 520W
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OCZ is most well known for their outstanding overclocking memory.  They cater to the needs of overclockers by choosing top of the line memory ICs that yield the highest overclocks.  During the days of Winbond chips, overclockers started pumping over 3.3v to the memory.  The VDIMM is typically drawn from the 3.3v rail of a power supply, which compelled overclockers to modify their power supplies to supply higher voltage.  It was not too long ago that OCZ supplied their own answer to this need.  The introduction of their PowerStream power supply was a big success.  Overclockers were able to adjust the rails easily through the adjustable potentiometers in the back of the PSU.  It's true that there were power supplies with adjustable potentiometers, but that required voiding warranties and going through hard to reach places within a PSU.  OCZ's PowerStream allowed easy access of potentiometers as well as a great warranty.  It opened up extra headroom for overclockers. 

Ultra Products was the first to introduce the world's first fully modular power supply.  The power supply was great for case modders, because it allowed great cable management.  Well, OCZ is here again with a similar approach.  OCZ knows that overclockers not only need the best performance possible but a nice tidy system too.  The solution is the OCZ ModStream.  The ModStream caters less to overclockers but more to the general public and case modders who want a nice looking system.