XG Vortec 600W

Written by Stephen Jimenez    Monday, 28 March 2005 11:00
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XG Vortec 600W
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XG, or Xtreme Gamer, is a subsidiary of the MGE company. XG's products are tailored for gamers and possess distinct looks that would be sure to stand out at a LAN.  MGE stays on the edge and brings a bold set of stylings to each product they manufacture. Their product line includes cases, power supplies, heatsinks, an array of mod accessories, and even speakers. Today we test their strongest power supply, the Vortec 600 watt power supply. Will this 600 watt power supply be a power house, a flash in the pan, or just flashy?  We'll see if the Vortec 600w can "push the limits of your system", as XG describes it.