Mad Dog SurePower 600W Smart Cable

Written by John Chen    Wednesday, 09 February 2005 11:00
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Mad Dog SurePower 600W Smart Cable
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Never heard of Mad Dog?  Well, stop by your local CompUSA and Best Buy and you'll see some of their goodies.  Mad Dog hasn't be around for very long, but they've made way into many computer homes for one main reason--price.  All their products are geared towards the average Joes out there.  But just because their products come with a low price tag doesn't mean that their products have low quality.  One of the most popular products at Mad Dog is their 7.1 channel sound card.  It's powered by VIA's audio solution and provides the best bang for the buck sound card for the typical entertainment enthusiasts.

Mad Dog recently opened up a new category called "Techie Toyz".  This category mainly includes products for case modding and accessories, such as rounded cables, fans, CPU coolers, power supplies, etc.  Today's sample will be their flagship SurePower power supply.  It boasts a whopping 600W of power and is almost fully modular.