Fortron 400W Blue Storm

Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 12 October 2004 11:00
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Fortron 400W Blue Storm
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It's a relatively unknown fact, but Fortron is a leading competitor when it comes to making quality power supplies.  It was only last year that enthusiasts realized the quality and capabilities of Fortron power supplies.  The 530W version stood out among the others.  It has enough wattage to power everything you throw at it, and is backed up by quality stable rails.  The most praised feature of the power supply is the adjustable potentiometers.  It allowed enthusiasts to adjust the voltage rails to do some serious overclocking.  Fortron continues to innovate in search of better power supplies and this time they've added some looks.  The new Fortron Blue Storm is an all blue power supply and supplies a decent 400W of power.  With such good looks, let's hope they continue the quality they're known for.