Enermax Liberty EL500AWT 500W

Written by John Chen    Tuesday, 08 November 2005 11:00
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Enermax Liberty EL500AWT 500W
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Enermax has been a key player in the power supply industry for quite a long time now.  Their power supplies are known to provide great reliable performance.  I still have an Enermax power supply running in a secondary system back at home and it has been chugging along for five years now.  I would frequently check the voltage rails on that power supply to see if it has degraded and if the rails have started drooping.  Fortunately, it has not.

The next step in power supplies is going modular.  I personally am not a big fan of modular power supplies since they focus too much on looks and convenience rather than performance.  It is still inevitable that companies are going to release modular power supplies.  Although Enermax was not one of the first few who took the initial step, they have finally succumbed to the high demand.  Let us just hope that it continues the Enermax quality that has been around for years.