Cooler Master Real Power 550W

Written by John Chen    Sunday, 22 May 2005 11:00
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Cooler Master Real Power 550W
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I was pleasantly surprised when Cooler Master started a line for power supplies.  The Real Power 450W we looked at a while back was a great choice for the price and performed rather well.  Being new to the ballgame, the Real Power 450W version was a bit lacking on the amps for the 12v rail and dipped below the 12v line, but still managed to stay within the safe 5% range.  While that shouldn't bother the majority of enthusiasts out there, extreme overclockers will want their 12v rail to be high and steady, above the 12v margin.  Since we mainly focus on overclocking, the drop under the 12v line was disappointing.  The lack of a PCI-E connector for high end gaming systems was also a turnoff for enthusiasts who look for future-proof components.  Fortunately for us, Cooler Master has heard our demands and created their latest flagship Real Power 550W.

The new power supply provides a beefier wattage rating, PCI-E connector, and continues the use of a wattage meter display.  If Cooler Master continues the great performance of the Real Power 450W, this 550W should definitely have no problems being a top choice for your high end gaming/overclocking system.