Cooler Master Real Power 450W

Written by John Chen    Wednesday, 20 October 2004 11:00
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Cooler Master Real Power 450W
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Cooler Master has come up with so many new products lately that I've lost track.  The new cases are classy and offer users plenty of space to work with.  Their new heatsinks have earned themselves a good reputation in the enthusiast crowd.  And now with the introduction of their power supplies, Cooler Master continues to offer their fans more of what Cooler Master is all about. 

Although power supplies are considered an exhaust of system heat, it should not be the main focus of heat release in a case.  The power supply unit itself releases heat and the fans inside are designed to help cool down the components of the power supply.  The usual use of multiple or large fans is to only help with system heat.  The main focus of a power supply is to bring stable power to your PC system, which quite frankly, is contradictory to what many people look for in a power supply.  Manufacturers often hide the poor designs and fluctuating rails with bright flashy LEDs, nicely painted colors, or shielded cables.  All of those extras are simply just extras, not necessities.  Cooler Master's first power supply for the enthusiast comes packaged with a lot of extra goodies.  Hopefully, they're not there to "hide" anything.