Ubuntu to Replace Menu Bar UI with HUD Interface

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 24 January 2012 16:25

Ubuntu HUD 1

The geniuses developing Ubuntu have been working for quite some time on an intriguing project: a HUD interface. This HUD interface will eventually replace menu bars (they're still working on just how it will do that), leaving more screen real estate for your actual work instead of being filled up by endless menu options. In the extensive blog post about it, he doesn't say exactly how it's brought to the front, but I'm guessing it's a simple key combination (or just something like using the Command/Windows key). It appears as a semi-transparent box with a blinking text cursor, and you just type in what you want to do and it will present you with a list of options. You can watch a video of the HUD in action here. When it's first rolled out it will only be a supplement of traditional menu bars, and you'll be able to navigate everything without an need for the new HUD. Once they work out more of the kinks and find a way for the HUD to allow you to explore more of what a program can do, it will begin to fully replace the menu. The HUD is also adaptive, and will "learn" what you do most frequently with programs to make sure to bring you the best results. Personally I was a little skeptical after just seeing the video, but they are really thinking this project through. My doubts were mostly gone after reading the entire blog post, and I recommend you do just that.