Ubisoft Changes Anno 2070 DRM, Kind Of

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 23 January 2012 13:44

Anno 2070 Logo

After much rage from the internet about Anno 2070's draconian DRM that blew up after Guru3D tried to do VGA performance benchmarks but couldn't continue after changes out the graphics card three times, Ubisoft has finally changed the game's DRM, kind of. They e-mailed Hilbert Hagedoorn, the man who first posted about the terrible time he had with it, this:

Hi Hilbert,

Just wanted to let you know, that we now remove the graphics hardware from the hash used to identify the PC.
That means everyone should now be able to switch the GFX as many times as he/she wants.


I guess that is better, as you're most likely likely going to change your videocard more often than you change your motherboard, CPU, or RAM, but I still can see this being a problem in the future. Maybe with the more time this change to the DRM gives you before you run out of activations, the less problem their apparently slow customer support will be to get more activations.