Draconian DRM Struggles from Ubisoft's Anno 2070

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 17 January 2012 18:00

Anno 2070 Logo

Ubisoft's Anno 2070 is a good game according to many reviews, but apparently its DRM is pretty terrible. Hilbert Hagedoorn over at Guru3D was doing some VGA performance tests using the game, but ran into a hiccup when the DRM cut off his access to the game after he changed the videocard for the fourth time. Apparently the DRM monitors hardware changes as well as system changes, and it allows only up to 3 system or hardware changes before it locks you out. According to Ubisoft, you can e-mail them and ask for more activations, but that process is incredibly slow. You can read the entire struggle as well as see the benchmarks here.