Mass Effect 3 Won't Be Available on Steam

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 16 January 2012 21:05

Mass Effect 3 Logo

The highly anticipated Mass Effect 3 has had quite a bit of questions surrounding it, but thanks to a recent Q&A on Bioware's forums, a lot of those have been answered. One of those questions involved Mass Effect 3's availability, and in the answer it was said that the game will not be available on Steam at this time due to restrictive terms of use for developers. They say that Steam won't let Bioware interact with consumers in the best way, which is an interesting claim. The interaction they mention mean things like the release of patches and DLC and such. They do say that it will be available on other third-party download services. DRM is looking not too bad. Origin is required for even a retail copy of the game, but activation is only a one-time thing and then you can play without having Origin connected to the internet. There are a few more Q&As if you're interested, and you can read them here