Razer Announces PC Gaming Tablet

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 10 January 2012 18:44

Razer Logo

Today at CES, Razer showed off their new gaming tablet/computer. Rather than use low-powered processors such as other tablets use, the Razer Fiona uses a full-fledged Core i7 processor. This allows just about any PC games can be played on this, which makes it more attractive than regular tablets that can only play specially-coded games. Input is in the form of both a multi-touch screen as well as two game controllers that have built in ultra-precise accelerometers. CEO of Razer Min-Liang Tan, "While multi-touch screens have become the de facto user interface for tablets, they are not the right interface for serious PC gaming. The user interface we have designed for Project Fiona allows all existing PC games to be played right out of the box and also provides game developers new opportunities as they develop next-gen games on a highly-intuitive platform. Both developers and gamers are going to love the new user interface that combines the best of a gamepad, multi-touch screen and accelerometers for an all-new gaming experience on-the-go." It's expected to be released in Q4 2012 for below $1000. You can read the full press release here

Razer Fiona