OCZ Shows off Everest 2

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 09 January 2012 19:23

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Since OCZ bought Indilinx, they haven't seem to have done much with their memory controller technology. While there were a few SSDs, such as the Octane series, using Indilinx's Everest platform, there hasn't been much out of them. Well, OCZ announced today Everest 2, which is the next generation of memory controllers targeted at performance SSDs. It drastically increases the write speeds that Everest brought, and doubles the 90K 4KB random write IOPS. While Everst 1 brought 560/400 MB/s read/write and 45k 4KB random write IOPS to the table, Everest 2 brings 550/500 MB/s read/write and 90k 4KB random write IOPS. It's expected to be released sometime within the next six months.

OCZ Indilinx's Everest 2

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