Roku Announces Flash-drive Sized Streaming Media Player

Written by John Ponio    Thursday, 05 January 2012 19:04

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku has recently announced a novel idea: a streaming media player about the size of a regular flash drive. With the new HDMI standard MHDL (Mobile High-Definition Link), this idea actually works. The MHDL standard includes a few things that make this possible: "1080p HD video; digital audio; DC power for powering an external device; and signaling, so the TV can control and communicate with the external device (for example, so the TV’s remote can control the device’s operation)." Pictured above, the device actually sounds like it was thought through. Because it gets power through the HDMI port, it doesn't have to have the power supply built in, meaning it can be a lot smaller. The device also includes a processor, memory, software, and WiFi all in the little frame. The built-in WiFi is a great idea, and Roku will be providing free software updates that can be gotten through the connection. Also attractive is the estimated price, as it's believed that it will sell for somewhere in between $50-$100. No word on a release date, though. You can read more about it here