RIAA Responds to Their IP Addresses Getting Caught Torrenting

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 21 December 2011 17:43


Recently news came out that IP addresses assigned to the RIAA were caught by TorrentFreak and YouHaveDownloaded using torrents to pirate music, TV shows, and applications. Well, the RIAA has given a response:

We checked the block of IP addresses allocated to RIAA staff to access the Internet and no RIAA employee was responsible for this alleged use of bittorrent. Those partial IP addresses are similar to block addresses assigned to RIAA. However, those addresses are used by a third party vendor to serve up our public Web site. As I said earlier, they are not used by RIAA staff to access the Internet.

In response to the response, the original TorrentFreak blogger "Ernesto" said,

This is all a bit confusing. First of all, the addresses are not similar, they are simply assigned to the RIAA. Everyone can look that up here, or here.

Secondly, while we are prepared to believe that RIAA staff didn’t download these files, we are left wondering what mysterious third party did. Also, is it even allowed by the official registry to register a range of IP-addresses to your private organization, and then allow others to use these IPs?

So the RIAA gets caught pirating, and then uses the same excuse that thousands of people who were sued by the RIAA used (but were sued anyway). Classy, RIAA. Classy.