RIAA and the Department of Homeland Security Caught Torrenting

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 20 December 2011 13:42


Oh hypocrisy, will you never end? IP addresses from the RIAA, one of the most staunch anti-piracy firms around, have been caught doing the same thing they're trying to stop: pirating. Thanks to YouHaveDownloaded, a website that aggregates IP addresses from torrent trackers and lets the public see them, TorrentFreak caught the RIAA pirating not only a couple music albums (which isn't necessarily bad, because it could be for research purposes), but also season 1-5 of Dexter, an episode of Law and Order: SVU, and a couple music-file managing programs. Also caught in the act was the Department of Homeland Security, with over 900 of their IP addresses having downloaded with Bittorrent. TorrentFreak, however, did not reveal what files they were caught downloading. Hopefully this will only go against SOPA, the terrible legislation that has the power to censor the internet, as the RIAA is one of its biggest proponents. While pirating is very common, this new information begs the question: why are people torrenting at work?