AMD Updates Graphics Drivers Yet Again with Catalyst 11.12A

Written by John Ponio    Thursday, 15 December 2011 16:48

AMD Logo

Big surprise of the week: AMD has released a new graphics card update. This time it's not an incremental update, which may or may not be better. Catalyst 11.12 brings slew of performance improvements and bug fixes, which will be listed below. Download the drivers here and read the release notes here. What's new for Windows 7:

  • All required PAL formats are now correctly listed in the Vision Control Center on the HDTV support page.
  • Playing Dirt2, Dirt3 and Portal2 in DirectX 9 mode no longer causes a random system hang.
  • Portal 2 no longer displays random screen tearing when run in DirectX 9.
  • Total War Shogun 2 no longer displays random corruption when played at low in game settings and 2x1 and 3x1 Eyefinity modes.
  • Playing Lost Planet 2 in Eyefinity mode and Crossfire enable no longer randomly crashes.
  • Portal 2 will no longer randomly crash when the GPU is switched to Low Power mode.
  • Running Stalker Clear Sky in DirectX 10 mode in a Tri-Crossfire configuration no longer randomly hangs when in-game settings are set to high.
  • Tom Clancy Endwar no longer randomly hangs with a pinstripe display.
  • Playing Enemy Territory Quake Wars no longer generates a random system hang.
  • Graphics corruption is no longer randomly exhibited while playing video clips using Windows Media Center.
  • Doom 3 no longer experiences random corruption when Anti Aliasing is enabled.
  • Crysis 2 no longer displays random flickering when run in DirectX9 mode.
  • Far Cry2, Dragon 2, Homefront, Stalker: Metro 2033 and Bioshock 2 no longer display random flashing textures.
  • Left 4 Dead 2 no longer experiences random hangs.
  • HAWX2 no longer experiences random hangs when navigating in game menus.
  • Lost Planet 2 and Dragon Age 2 no longer display random flickering when run in DirectX 9 mode