Feature-Complete Windows 8 Beta Coming out in February 2012

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 07 December 2011 17:35

Microsoft Logo

When talking about their release of the official Microsoft App Store for Windows 8, one of the vice presidents at Microsoft (there are many) said that a feature-complete beta of Windows 8 will be coming out in late February of 2012. The App Store, being one of the features of Windows 8, will be released then as well. If Windows 8 follows the same time-frame that Windows 7 did, we should see Windows 8 on store shelves by Black Friday. The new App Store will be released so that developers can have a chance to get their apps up and running by the official release. Developers will, at first, receive 70% of the revenue brought in by their apps. Once the revenue reaches $25k USD, they will receive 80% of the revenue brought in. This brings Microsoft in direct competition with Apple, who currently gives developers 70% of the revenue. If you're just one person trying to get your app on the store, the registration fee is $49. Interesting note: all apps during the beta will be free of charge. Paid support will come when the operating system is fully released. Feel free to read more about the upcoming store here.