Update to Spotify Apps

Written by John Ponio    Thursday, 01 December 2011 16:54

Spotify Logo

Yesterday Spotify announced that it is launching an "app" functionality to its music streaming program. In the press release, it said that the "Apps" category will appear in the left pane. I was using Spotify at the time but figured it just needed to be restarted for an update or something of the sort, but even after I restarted the program no "Apps" could be seen. Well, it turns out that the Apps aren't actually released. Currently they're in beta. If you want to check them out, though, you can download the apps preview version of Spotify for Mac or PC at the respective links. Be warned: as with every beta/preview, bugs are still prevalent. It should be mostly functional though. For more previews, head on over here. In the mean time, enjoy your Apps.