Seagate Launches New Momentus XT Hybrid SSD/HDD

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 29 November 2011 18:34

Seagate Logo

Seagate recently launched their newest addition to the Momentus family, namely the Momentus XT. While no actual numbers were given in the press release, Seagate claims performance is up nearly 70% compared to the last generation. The drive has a 750GB HDD inside with 8GB of SLC NAND memory. It increases performance by seeing what applications you use most, and storing those on the flash memory. By doing this, the applications you use most will be readily accessible by the SSD and thus you will see a big jump in performance compared to a regular HDD.Ā Scott Horn, vice president of Worldwide Marketing at Seagate, said, "Laptop users want faster access to all of their content, from gaming, music and video to spreadsheets and documents, creating strong demand for the highest performance. Seagate is excited to answer this need with a second-generation MomentusĀ® XT drive that delivers solid state drive (SSD) speed, greater storage capacity and easy installation at an affordable price." The drive should be available shortly from the usual places such as Newegg and Amazon. The drive has an MSRP of $245. You can read the press release here.