NVIDIA Releases GeForce GTX 560 Ti With 448 Cores

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 29 November 2011 17:42

NVIDIA LogoNVIDIA today announced a new, limited edition graphics card: the GeForce GTX 560 Ti With 448 Cores. Yes, for some reason that's the official name. The card, performance-wise, is very closely comparable to a GTX 570, and price is close too. GTX 570's are about $329, depending on where and what you buy, and the new GTX 560 Ti With 448 Cores (gosh that's annoying) is priced around $289. Specifications match pretty well with the GTX 570, but just fall under a tad. As I mentioned before, this is a "limited edition" card, meaning it won't be around forever. NVIDIA estimates they will have about two-months worth of supply, and after that it's unlikely we'll be seeing much of it again. The reason that the supply is so low is that the chips on these cards are "bad" chips from high-end cards ("bad" as in not all of the parts work up to snuff to be put into a high-end videocard, but they work well for this performance level). You can read more about the card and see benchmarks here.