Kingston Says NAND Prices Will Drop, Driving SSD Adoption

Written by John Ponio    Monday, 28 November 2011 17:36

Kingston Logo

Flash memory sales director at Kingston APAC recently said, "Average pricing for 1GB of NAND flash memory will likely fall to US$1 - a threshold that will trigger a meaningful replacement of hard disk drives (HDDs) by SSDs - sometime in the third quarter of 2012." Demand is likely to go up for SSDs because HDD availability is and will continue to be down thanks to the flooding in Thailand, and that coupled with the switch to 19nm processing technology with better manufacturing processes hopefully will be enough to drive prices down to a more affordable price. But will $1/GB be low enough of a price? Already it's pretty easy to find a deal with prices in that range, but it remains to be seen if SSD adoption is a regular thing these days. You can read my source here.