Microsoft Working on PC-Version of the Kinect

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 22 November 2011 17:04

Image Credit Engadget

For a while now, hackers have been using the Xbox 360 Kinect's SDK to use their Kinect with their computers. Coming soon, though, everyone will be able to use Kinects with their computers. Microsoft has been working on a PC-version of the Kinect, complete with new hardware, firmware that allows the Kinect to detect motion as close as 50cm (a fix for a big problem for using in front of a computer), as well as a shortened USB cable and a dongle that is smaller so it won't block other USB peripherals. There will also be a lot of new features added to the SDK that Microsoft's team has been working on for a while now. The Kinect for Windows program will start in early 2012, but for now you can keep up with the blog here.