Windows 8 Changing Windows Update Patterns

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 15 November 2011 18:00

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If you're like most Windows users, you're probably often frustrated by Windows Update when it keeps bugging you to restart your computer after it installs some updates. If you are, you'll be pleased to know that Windows 8 will be changing Windows Update in a few ways, making it more convenient for the end-user. Instead of forcing your computer to restart every time it needs to, every restart-requiring update will be postponed so that when the monthly security update comes out (once per month), all will be installed and your computer will be restarted. There is no real way to get around restarting your computer, update-wise, but at least the number of times you'll need to restart will be fewer. Three days prior to you needing to restart, Windows will tell you that your computer will be restarted in three days. If you aren't by your computer and it's time for your computer to restart, Windows will check to make sure you won't lose any unsaved work. If you will lose unsaved work or anything of the sort, Windows will yet again postpone the restart until you next are at your computer. It's nice that Windows is trying to make Windows Update less annoying, and we'll see if that actually happens when Windows 8 is released. You can read the entire blog post here.