AMD to Compete in Ivy Bridge Ultrabook Market in 2012

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 25 October 2011 16:31

AMD Logo

AMD plans to release new APUs in hopes of gaining more market share in the coming years. These new processors will compete in the "ultrabook" market, as well as in the regular notebook market. June 2012 will see the launch of AMD's Deccan APUs to replace the aging Zacate series, and after that Kerala will launch in 2013. The two new series are expected to be able to compete with Intel's Ivy Bridge platform that will be released around the same time. Digitimes writes, "For the traditional notebook market, AMD has already launched its Llano-based Sabine platform to replace Danube, but due to Globalfoundries' weak 32nm yield rates and production issues, supplies of Llano APUs has been limited, which should impact AMD's future plans for the notebook market. However, within AMD's latest plans, the company is set to launch the Comal platform, featuring Trinity-based APUs, for 2012 and will upgrade to the Indus platform in 2013 using Kaveri-based APUs." Personally, I'm having doubts about AMD's ability to compete with Ivy Bridge, based on how AMD's Bulldozer series performed. But if they can do it, I think everyone will be happy.