Ubuntu One for Windows Available for Download

Written by John Ponio    Friday, 30 September 2011 14:47

Ubuntu One Logo

The long-awaited Ubuntu One Windows application is now out of beta and available to the public. This means that you can now access all of your cloud-stored data across multiple platforms. Obviously a question on your mind is "Why for Windows?" Well, they answered that in the blog post about it:

Well there are a few reasons: The most important is we listen to our users. We have long received feedback from Ubuntu users regarding their evolving needs to manage all their content  from a single, secure place across multiple platforms and devices. We’ve looked at many use cases, the most common being the Ubuntu user who is using more than one device or OS. Many people have to work in Windows or Mac environments, even if they prefer to use Ubuntu as their home desktop or OS of choice. Another case is enabling more opportunities for sharing across platforms. For example families using different operating systems in one household can use Ubuntu One as their central place to store all their music, documents, photos and share them easily with each other and friends.

You can download the Windows application here.