FCC Being Sued Over Net Neutrality Rules

Written by John Ponio    Friday, 30 September 2011 14:35

FCC Logo

If you haven't heard, the FCC passed net neutrality rules, but apparently they aren't strict enough. The Free Press is reportedly suing the FCC because the new rules still allow a wireless carrier to block anything they want as long as it isn't a competing service (so they can't block Skype but they could prevent you from accessing certain websites). This is different than their rules to land-line carriers, such as Comcast, who can't block any website. Free Press policy director Matt Wood said, "When the FCC first proposed the open Internet rules, they came with the understanding that there is only one Internet, no matter how people choose to reach it." He added, "The final rules provide some basic protections for consumers, but do not deliver on the promise to preserve openness for mobile Internet access. They fail to protect wireless users from discrimination, and they let mobile providers block innovative applications with impunity." You can read the .pdf of the law suit here.