EA DICE Leaves Out PC Gamers Yet Again

Written by John Ponio    Wednesday, 28 September 2011 16:18

Battlefield 3 Logo

Forget about getting left out of early access to Battlefield 3's expansions, PC gamers are now being left out of "an online competition you'll be telling your grandkids about." Virgin Gaming is teaming up with EA DICE to bring a massive Battlefield 3 tournament that will give out $1.6 million in cash and prizes. On the sign-up page, there's a place for PS3 gamers and a place for Xbox 360 gamers to sign up, but no mention of the greatest gaming platform ever: the PC. They said they were developing it with a PC focus, but I wonder if they're ever going to do anything for us. Oh, and just a reminder, the beta for Battlefield 3 opens tomorrow.