Ivy Bridge GPUs to Support 4K Resolution

Written by John Ponio    Tuesday, 20 September 2011 16:07

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It seems like every monitor coming out these days supports 1080p. While it's a good resolution, and most modern GPUs can handle it, a lot of people are asking, "What's next?" There are 30" displays out there that have 2560x1600 resolution, but that resolution hasn't seemed to catch on. So what is next? 4k resolution. At least that's what it seems like Intel is pushing. At their recent IDF they announced that the GPU on their upcoming Ivy Bridge CPUs will fully support 4k resolution. "4k" stands for exactly that: 4 thousand. Forty-ninety-six, to be exact. That's the horizontal resolution, anyways. The vertical resolution has yet to be determined. If manufactures are going to stick with 16:9, the vertical resolution will be 2304 meaning the "4k" moniker will mean a resolution of 4096x2304. One of the things manufactures have to think about, as AnandTech pointed out, is cable bandwidth between the video card and the monitor. With this extremely high resolution, bandwidth gets extraordinarily high. The 4096x2304 resolution at 60hz with 24 bit color will require ~20.2Gb/s, while DisplayPort 1.2 can offer only 21.6Gb/s. So any more will require a new display cable specification with much, much higher bandwidth. You can read more about the Ivy Bridge GPU and its engine here.